web of decisions.

24 05 2010

There are a lot of decisions to be made and I’m not quite sure where I will be in the fall.

Let me fill you in on how everything is connected.

I got into graduate school at Southern Utah University (school starts in late August).

BUT – Leah and I are either getting married in October or next June. IF it’s October then I won’t do graduate school. IF it’s June then I definitely will.

Leah accepted a job offer at UV Magazine (full time salary position) – so, she will definitely be here in the fall.

SO – that rules out graduate school – UNLESS we get married next June.

I have 2 jobs hereBUT neither are what I would call final-destination jobs. So, I want something better – but if we get married in October I’ll be working those still most likely (unless I can get something to change)

Oh – and I was supposed to go to Phoenix this wknd to RE-meet the parents and hopefully get permission to marry Leah – BUT I can’t get work off, because I have to open up the store on Saturday morning.

This is no bueno because her parents don’t want us getting engaged before I see them again (maybe I should send a picture of my new short haircut).

If I can’t do the RE-meet this wknd – then when? Later, obviously. But if I wait too long then we can’t get married in October because there is not enough time.

Leah said last night that she would like October & I’ve been saying forever that I want to get married sooner rather than later.

SO – if the October plan works out then we will both be here in the Valley and somehow I need to find a way to get to Phoenix sooner rather than later.

Ok – so I guess it’s really not too complicated. But last night and when I woke up this morning it seemed complicated.

Oh the other thing was I really wanted to do something here in Utah (as far as a reception goes) – but if it’s in October we can’t use my Aunt Val’s backyard. Lame!

That’s everything. I think.

Sometimes I wish I had a Liahona to just tell me which direction I’m supposed to go…

Oh wait we all have a type of one –

“receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do…” (2 Nephi 32:5)

? How does the Holy Ghost show us the things we should do?

It sounds like an easy church answer question – but I’m actually really curious to know how the Holy Ghost guides YOU!




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24 05 2010

Hey bro, when you get married you separate from your families and become your own. You get engaged and get married on your schedule. Of course you want family support but you get engaged anyway. Do what is best for you and Leah!

24 05 2010

LOVE it. You’re exactly right… Time for Leah and I to do OUR own thing!

24 05 2010

You need to read “Hearing the Voice of the Lord” Principles and Patterns of Personal Revelation by Gerald. N. Lund–bought this for Kirk for Christmas and he LOVED it that he has told everyone to read it–I am halfway through it now and it’s excellent! Hang in there–nothing worth getting is ever easy…you’ll have great stories to tell your kids

24 05 2010

I will have to go pick that book up – it sounds good! And sounds like something I need. Thanks Melanie!

24 05 2010

Although I agree that, “For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?” Matthew 19:5, I would never imagine having a working relationship with the in-laws, if I went against them in the beginning of my eternal journey. You and Leah need to sit down over a nice dinner and talk it out. then kneel down in prayer and figure out what you need to do as a couple, fast if necessary. The Holy Ghost will teach you all things you should do, but it helps to know that it is the Holy Ghost and not your own mind.

Also, remember that your Bishop is there to council with, he just isn’t some guy to sit on the stand, but can be a great objective opinion and should be close to the spirit to give you advice.

25 05 2010

Sound advice! Thanks man!

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