23 05 2010

I have been living with family (extended and immediate) since last July.

It’a time to get back to doing my own thing.

I don’t want to do this any more.

*Don’t mistake my desire to move as a lack of gratitude. I’m incredibly grateful. I never would have made it through this past year without the help of others.

BUT – I have never been good at accepting help. In fact I try and avoid as best I can.
I like to be on the helping side, not the helped side.

I feel like I have spent almost a year on the helped side and I’m SO over it.

Agh, I’m just really frustrated right now I guess….

And one frustration leads to another, to another to another to another…. Till finally you feel overwhelmed.
And you feel like this guy –

“Remember, remember that it is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men…” (D&C 3:3)

? Anyone else have any frustrations at the moment?




2 responses

23 05 2010

Frustrated sure, I get very frustrated that my Jeep keeps on needing repairs, 2500 bucks later hopefully that is it for a while.. I get frustrated that I didn’t plan better and get going to school earlier in life so I could already be done with school. I get frustrated at a lot of things, but one thing that I have found that we should not get frustrated with is receiving help.

Now this is easier said than done I know. I still work on it. But we must remember that we all need help everyday. I am speaking of help from the Holy Spirit and from the Atonement of Christ.

I feel that we should not mooch off of people and be a blood sucking leech on society but we should ask and receive help from friends and family as needed with out ever feeling bad about it, and they should never make us feel bad for asking for help.

Thus we permit them to be Christ like is showing charity towards us, and we are humble and able to be taught, and then we are able to show that same charity to other.

So yes be frustrated, but don’t let it eat you up, get a good nights rest, wake up and take the new day by the horns and with Christ’s help make it your own.

is this what you were looking for…

24 05 2010

Thanks Brandon – you said exactly what I needed to hear. I definitely went to bed frustrated, but I’m not frustrated anymore with having to receive help. I’m definitely still frustrated with some other things. Haha. But I am more grateful for the help I have received form the hands of others. Thanks for your comment, it was just what I needed!

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