Moderation in all things.

20 05 2010

I love candy.

I think most people can say that.
But I’m serious.
SO serious.

I used to keep a dish of whoppers on the desk next to my bed. I would wake up in the morning with chocolate on my hands and face with whoppers all over the bed.

It was awesome – if not also dangerous.

On my mission I would eat a Galaxy chocolate bar dipped in Skippy peanut butter.

Sounds like a typical Reccess? It’s not. Galaxy chocolate is INCREDIBLE. Dip it in peanut butter and you have something that borders celestial.

I have tried recently to cool it on the candy. I was doing well until I started working at Blickenstaff’s.

Today I came home with over a pound of candy.

…”nevertheless they are to be used sparingly.” (D&C 89:12)

Ok- so the scripture is actually about meat. But I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s probably applicable to my candy obsession.

? What’s your favorite candy?

I LOVE Now & Laters!




4 responses

20 05 2010

I heart M&M’s–ANY kind–sugar is in our genes, we can’t help it!

20 05 2010

agreed! sugar is in the genes! haha

20 05 2010

Haribo gummy bears. For my birthday one year my sister gave me a 3 lb bag of them. I was in heaven! By far the best gummy bears.

21 05 2010

Don’t even get us started! My boss thinks it’s funny how much Dallas and I love candy. I’ve always loved starbursts, mike & ikes, swedish fish, anything sour, dots, sugar babies, and the list goes on….

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