What makes you happy?

17 05 2010

I was perusing Facebook (per usual) and one of my friends, Jessel Violago, had posted up a link to her blog (http://jesselhillary.blogspot.com).

I had to share it after seeing it. Jessel and a couple of her friends went around The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles asking people; “What makes you happy?

what makes you happy? from hillary miller on Vimeo.

People said all kinds of things; family, LOVE, food, puppies, blessings etc. etc.

It got me thinking about the things that make me happy:
Relationships with family & friends
The Gospel

There are so many things, big & small that make me happy.

But how can we find happiness in everything?

“…whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.” (Proverbs 16:20)

If we can just trust the Lord to guide our lives then we will be able to find happiness in anything that is happening because we will know that He knows what He is doing and that we are being guided exactly where we need to go.

? What makes you happy?




3 responses

17 05 2010
Charis Aldous

I read your blog for family home evening and then asked each of us what makes us happy. Here are the responses I received:

Kory – Girls, sports,
Korinne – Clothes, friends, work (sometimes), cell phone
Kameron – Girls, video games, singing (music in general)
Dad – Mom, gospel, my garden, obedient independent children
Mom – Eternal marriage with dad, music, finding new insights into the scriptures, light (sun) holidays (when all my children come home) having time to do something creative.

19 05 2010

Dallas, reading the scriptures and other books, and pretty much any food I can find!

23 05 2010
Hillary Miller

Making other people happy makes me happy.

Thank you for sharing this!

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