grand opening.

15 05 2010

Day 1.

I started at Blickenstaffs today. It was our Grand Opening!

It was a LONG day. I’m not used to 10 hour shifts.
Well – let’s be honest, it’s been awhile since an 8-hour shift. And I haven’t done an 8-hour retail shift in years now.

What’s the difference?
An 8-hour retail shift is more demanding in my opinion.

You’re always standing.
You’re always smiling.
You’re always interacting.

Doesn’t sound demanding – but this requires much more physical energy than my PR job at SchoolTipline. (I miss that job)

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread…” (Genesis 3:19)

My face didn’t sweat today – but my body certainly aches now.

I love retail though. Mostly, I love the constant interaction with the people filtering through.

The Riverwoods Shopping Center has apparently been a ghost town as of late (according to the business gurus) but Blickenstaffs got some serious foot traffic today. Hopefully that pattern continues. (otherwise it could be another temporary job for me)

According to one customer, Blickenstaffs is; “FAO Schwartz meets Willy Wonka”.

Yeah, that’s definitely an accurate description. We have a Christmas tree made from candy. Yeah. Candy.

If you live in the Valley, then you should definitely come check it out sometime.




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