blickenstaffs & security one.

13 05 2010

Yup – that’s right – last week I was unemployed.

This week?
Employed x 2

I do phone sales with my old boss Frankie at SecurityOne.


I am the new Assistant Manager @ Blickenstaffs.

What is Blickenstaffs?

Excellent question.

It is the latest and greatest toy/game/candy store to hit the Valley (Utah Valley, of course)

The position came thanks to my cousin Ty Roney (thanks man) – and yes I’m fairly confident this is a real position, unlike our good friend, Dwight, from the Office. (Assistant TO the Regional Manager)

The plan is to work full-time at Blickenstaffs and then I’ll do part-time at Security One. So, I guess now I’m technically going to be working time and a half.


Grateful is the first word that comes to mind right now. VERY grateful.

“I am very thankful before God this day…” (Mosiah 7:12)

? Name one thing you are grateful for this day?




6 responses

13 05 2010

I’m grateful for the technology that allowed me to see pictures of my tiny (lime-sized!) baby inside of me moving around! It was amazing!

14 05 2010

I’m grateful for my relationships. Also, where is Blickenstaffs? We’ll have to come check it out.

14 05 2010

also, congratulations on the jobs!

14 05 2010

The store is in the Riverwoods shopping center in Orem. It’s a cool store – you guys should definitely come by sometime!

15 05 2010

So Jonny and I went by today (Friday). I saw a sign that said it opened Saturday but it was open (I was slightly confused). We walked in but were only there for like 30 seconds. We didn’t see you so we figured we’d come check it out sometime when you were there.

14 05 2010

the SUN!!!! it’s been very elusive since we got back from Cayman!! CONGRATS on the job man–it’s going to be a fun place to work–c’mon–it’s a TOY/CANDY store!!

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