call of duty.

7 05 2010

“Know ye that ye must lay down your weapons of war, and delight no more in the shedding of blood, and take them not again, save it be that God shall command you.” (Mormon 7:4)

My weapons of war?

Yes. This is an illustration containing some of my favorite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 weapons.

What’s Call of Duty?

Great question.
It is an amazing, first person shooter video game that allows me and the 4.7 million other people who play to ‘delight in bloodshed‘.


I don’t play a lot of video games. But I’m here visiting Dallas and Kailynn and we’ve been killing it each night! Literally.

? Is playing shooter video games delighting in bloodshed?




One response

7 05 2010

YES! YES! and YES! Playing these games and any others like it absolutely are all about delighting in bloodshed. What is the purpose of these games – TO KILL THE ENEMY any way you can.

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