for good.

1 05 2010

The time has come.

I moved here 6 months ago and now I’m moving away.

It was hard to move here. It is harder moving away.

I took this picture last night. Korinne was out at the Apple Blossom Festival this wknd otherwise she would have been in it.

I’m sad.

My mom and I have always been close — but we have become great friends during my time here.

I will miss her.

I will miss everyone here. What a blessing it has been to be here these past 6 months.

There have been some crazy times here in Winchester — especially with my sister. But I love them.

I love them and am grateful for everything they have done for me. I feel like I could never repay them for everything they have done for me.

The great thing about my family is that they are more than that. They are my friends. I don’t hang out with them just because we are family and I have to — I hang out with them because I want to.

They have helped me change — in a way I could never have done alone.

“…there was a mighty change wrought in his heart…” (Alma 5:12)

I love this song from Wicked….

My life is constantly changing for the better because of my family….


?  Who has changed your life for good?



One response

1 05 2010

I love this picture! And your family 🙂 I’m sure they are going to really miss you.
but I have to admit, I’m so happy you’ll be less than 10 miles away from me, instead of 2,000 🙂

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