28 04 2010

Remember Mariah?

She was the one with the helpful suggestions about my appearance and grooming.

Well — she got to me.

Here’s the short hair:

Before you bite my head off about changing myself because of the opinions of some people I just met, let me explain my reasoning.

I told the story to my mom — and I have to admit, each time I retell this story I probably get a little more carried away with how crazy it was : )

My mom pointed out something I didn’t see when I was in Portland. Mariah was not saying anything bad about me. In fact we got along quite well because we share VERY similar literary interests (The Tipping Point, Think and Grow Rich, Blink, Outliers, etc. etc.).

All I heard was: Kyle you need to change, change, change because you’re not good enough.

I should have heard: Kyle you need to change your outward appearance to match your personality.

It was a compliment.

Thank-you Mariah.

My mission president told me when I left that I should always look like a missionary.

President Munday would be glad to hear that 5 years and countless crazy hairstyles later I finally understand the necessity of a clean cut exterior.

If I had showed up with an exterior that resembled the interior — maybe my trip to meet the family would have gone better.

It doesn’t matter how much we say that it is what is inside that counts —

“…and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes…” (Isaiah 11:3)

EVERYONE makes some sort of judgement based on appearance:

Exhibit A:

Think of the first word that comes to mind when you see these pictures —

All 3 are JT (my not-so secret-completely hetereosexual-man crush) BUT — which JT do you bring home to Mom & Dad?

There is no way you described all 3 JT’s with the same words. EVERYONE makes snap judgements in the blink of an eye.

Still don’t believe me? Go read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Now.

?  Have you been judged based on your appearance? How did it go?




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1 05 2010
how much should i weigh

wow cool info bro.

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