increase of love.

26 04 2010

My Tour de Wasson has now been completed.

It was a great week, stressful at times and a little intense but overall I loved it.

I love her family and look forward to getting to know them better.

More importantly — I love Leah even more.

Man, I love her.

It’s too bad there was no way to get everyone to just see her through my eyes for a little bit. Maybe they wouldn’t worry so much about all of the little details. Maybe my hair would not have mattered so much. Maybe they would have trusted that I would never let anything bad happen to Leah. Maybe they would have seen that we are not rushing into getting married. Maybe they would have seen that she is my best friend and my life without her is incomplete.

We aren’t together anymore (physically) because I’m headed back to Washington D.C. and I can feel a difference.

It’s tangible.

Sometimes people meet the future in-laws and relatives and friends and think; “do I still want this?”  — I met everyone last week and I feel like I need her even more.

Everywhere I went, people told me how Leah is their favorite… I could see the love they felt for her and I could see the lives she has touched.

I fell more in love with her this past week.

Leah is my favorite.

There are tons of references to love in the scriptures and the purest love is often described as charity.

Charity is described as the type of love that will never let you down.

“Charity never faileth…” (1 Corinthians 13:8)

We had this thing this past week where one of us would stick our hand out in the shape of a half heart and the other would do the same to finish the heart. (cute, right?) Yeah, ridiculously cute!

I told her Dad that she is my other half. She is.

My love will never fail her. I can’t guarantee a ton of nice stuff (especially at the moment) but I can guarantee that I will do everything I can to not let a day go by where she doesn’t understand that she is the greatest blessing in my life. She will always feel how much I love her.

I need her and I will spend forever showing her that she is truly my favorite!

? Everybody has been in love at some point – what was (is) it like for you?




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