art of the close.

21 04 2010


Always Be Closing.

The motto every sales rep lives and dies by.

You live by closing — you die by not closing.

If you cannot close sales consistently you will never make the real money.

I’ve done door-to-door as well as phone sales. 2 summers of selling security systems and 1 summer of Dish Network.

Closing was never my strong suit. Definitely not great news for my bank account. I was never at the bottom or the top — always just floated around somewhere in the middle.

That needs to change… quickly.

Kory talked with Frankie (my old security sales boss) and they are gonna let me come in and do phone security sales over the summer. I’m grateful for the opportunity. But with a purely commission based job the pressure is on to close, close, close.

With all of the wedding talk the pressure escalates. Leah and I were talking this morning about the wedding and getting started and she looked at me and said, “looks like you better learn how to close.”

At first I thought she meant that I need to do a better job on her parents to get them to feel comfortable with us getting married this summer. (no pressure there, right?) Turns out she was actually talking financially. (and the pressure continued to rise)

Looks like I better become a closing machine — NOW!

I started thinking about what it means to close and remembered the mission. Anyone who has served a mission knows that you are basically a well-trained, nicely dressed, spiritually guided, SALESMAN.

You are always asking people to make different commitments. One of the most important commitments someone makes is to read and pray about the Book of Mormon so that they can gain a testimony for themselves.

“And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost.” (Moroni 10:4)

One of my buddies, Anthony Ambriz, had a great idea for this blog. He suggested I start including a question of some kind in each post. Love the idea, so keep an eye out and if you feel so inclined post up a comment!

? What was the last thing you closed on ?




6 responses

21 04 2010

when r u getting married? (CONGRATULATIONS…by the way!) give me a date!!

21 04 2010

Thanks! haha, no date yet… it’s not even official yet. Still working on that. But you will def know… we will def come out to see you guys when I get back to Utah!

21 04 2010
Anthony Ambriz

Last thing I closed was my google reader to come and post a comment on your blog.

But seriously I remember dropping the no alternative options on people when I was on the mission. I made it seem like if you didn’t read this book and pray about it you were going to miss out on the biggest party. A living party and I’m talking LIVE. So I felt I was pretty good at that. Do I like sales… NO! Am I good at it… that depends. So the last thing I closed on was today with my professor. During the semester I worked on building an entire curriculum to implement in our department. I presented him the unit plans, lesson plans, and resource materials and then went on to teach him all about it. In the end my program will be added to his class and I’ll end up being the TA.

That’s my experience.

I guess you can say you’re getting better at closing Kyle. You are getting married right?
Thanks for the shout out.

21 04 2010

That’s dope man. I can see you being a good closer, especially in the situation involving your curriculum you developed because I bet it is something you’re passionate about. Passion makes closing easier I think.

22 04 2010

About to close this Monday on a house…that’s big right?! It will be the largest thing financially Dallas and I have ever closed on for sure!

27 04 2010

dude youre gonna kill the sales man…i want you to be getting 10 a week and nothing less. plus we’ll be kicking it and watching my other bank account grow on baseball games haha

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