yes man.

20 04 2010


That’s my nickname around here.

Here are my responses to most questions:

Yes sir/ma’am. (although a few people have already told me to drop the formality)

I can definitely do that.

I’d love to.

Of course I can.

Let’s do it.

Ok – so I’m in a ‘meet the family–make a good impression’ mode which obviously means I’m going to be on my best behavior. If I wasn’t, I’d be an idiot.

BUT – having said that, I’m typically a peacekeeper and I don’t like to rock the boat on things of little importance.

Does that make me a Yes man?

Worse yet, does it make me just agreeable?


I don’t say yes to everything and I don’t agree with everything.

BUT — if it’s something like “where should we eat tonight?” — well, if I don’t have an absolutely overpowering urge for sushi or Carl’s Jr. then I’ll pretty much be down to eat whatever.

Is this a bad thing?


Have I surrendered my agency to someone else because I said I didn’t care whether we ate at Carl’s Jr. or Burger King? Nope.

How about if I tell you that I like most types of music/movies/tv shows? Nope.

I’m pretty sure it just means I’ve learned to appreciate both the finer and not-so finer things in life!

And in some situations it definitely makes me a peacemaker! And we all know how they fare in life —-

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

Oh Yeah!

Ok, so here’s a couple things I do feel strongly about.

*my family & friends (don’t bad mouth them. EVER.)

*the Church

*Justin Timberlake (I’m a huge fan. huge)





2 responses

20 04 2010
Anthony Ambriz

I love reading your blog. Seeing you take normal situations and relate them to gospel related topics is awesome.

(By the way you made me have a hunger craving for Carl’s Jr)

Also breakdancing really? Not B-boying ha ha

Just a thought I think it would be nice to always add a reflective question at the end to engage your readers.

How do you feel about that?

20 04 2010

Dude, that’s a freaking awesome idea. It will begin with the very next post! Thanks for the suggestion bro! And yeah Carl’s Jr. sounds great right now! Hope all is well man!

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