Day one…

17 04 2010

I am coming to you live… From Arizona.


I’m still alive.

It’s 11:17… So, really it’s 2:17.

It’s been a long freaking day. So long that I’m doing this from my phone because I’m too lazy to pull out my computer!

I started out at noon, Eastern time and got here at 6:15 Phoenix time… 9:15 Eastern time. Roughly a 9 hour journey.

Sooo, when Nephi and his brothers went for there wives the journey was days… And through the wilderness:

I think things are going well… But it’s still early in the game. Lots of playin time left.

Oh… I almost threw up on Leah.

I don’t want to blame nerves…. Sooo, instead I will blame the spicy chicken tenders and the Cajun fries. Oh man. Those almost killed me.

Worse yet, they almost killed Leah!




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