New York Times Best Selling Author.

15 04 2010

When I moved back home last November the first 6 weeks were a chaotic whirlwind of job hunting and making contacts. My parents put me in touch with a variety of people, one of them was a member of the Stake Young Mens Presidency, Jason Wright. They mentioned Bro. Wright had written several books. (Somehow they forgot the part about him being a New York Times best-selling author) Bro. Wright and I played email tag for several months and had even been at some church functions together but had never been able to connect.

Until today.

I had a chance to sit down with Bro. Wright for lunch down in Woodstock (pop.4284) at the Woodstock Cafe & Shoppes.

Bro Wright has had three books make the New Yorks Times Bestseller List:

That’s legit. You put multiple books on the Times bestseller list and you’re the man (or woman, whatever the case may be).

I showed up with a million questions I wanted to ask and by the time I left he had asked me more questions about my life than I had asked. He showed a genuine interest in my goals/plans and where I came from.

It’s easy to see why he is successful.

There were a couple pieces of advice that really struck me :

FIRST: Write with a purpose!

Standard advice? Maybe. But how many writers actually do this? It’s interesting that ‘having a purpose’ can make a difference in more than just writing.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish… (Proverbs 29:18)

Start with a vision and when you finish you will actually have accomplished what you wanted to.

SECOND: A successful author will often spend more time promoting than writing. I love it. Next time you are at Barnes & Noble look at all the books. The books that make it big are written by talented authors who understand the need for marketing and promotion.

I left the lunch inspired and excited. What a great opportunity! If you haven’t checked out his books, you should probably fix that. His latest book is The Cross Gardener. Check it out!




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15 04 2010

Thanks Brotha! It was great chatting. I didn’t have a shred of the talent and motivation you have at your age. It’s pretty inspiring. You’re going to be amazing at whatever you do, and I’m confident it won’t ever be just one thing at a time.

Get writing!

15 04 2010

You ARE an incredible writer! Go for it!

15 04 2010

Thanks so much Melanie!! I need to bring leah up to Jackson to meet you guys! I really want you to meet her : )

16 04 2010

vacation ends tomorrow…will be home Sunday night..COME ON UP!..actually will be in Provo next week for Ty graduation

16 04 2010

That sounds great! I don’t get back to Provo till mid-May. I’ll get in touch when I get back and we can set something up : )

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