a womans touch.

14 04 2010

We had NO girls in seminary this morning.

“…neither is the man without the woman…” (1 Corinthians 11:11)


We’re not just talking about marriage here…

Class this morning was different… and by different I mean smelled different.

Not. So. Good.

For our purposes we’re going to call this collection of dudes a pack (very Animal Planet).

There are several things you need to know about this “pack” …

FIRST: Collectively, the smell can be a little funky at times. Not to be crass…. BUT, guys are great at holding gas in when a girl is present, but the moment the ladies leave — things can get brutal.

SECOND: Sounds of the pack —  this ties in closely with the smells. Haha Enough said.

THIRD: Communication. Things get loud quickly. In order to get a word in you better make sure you’re speaking louder than the next guy…

It was classic to see the change in the “pack” this morning once class started and someone pointed out there were no girls… Class was a lot of fun.


It will be nice to get the ladies back tomorrow…





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14 04 2010
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