12 04 2010

I was an avid fan of a show called The OC. It followed the prototype of most angst filled teen dramas:

Lots of teens. Drinking. Promiscuity. Drama. Fights. Secrets. More secrets based on the previous secrets. Deaths. Girlfriends. Boyfriends. No friends. Jocks. Nerds. The rest.

In case you’re older the equivalent would be: Beverly Hills 90210 If you’re younger the equivalent would be: Glee (the musical version of drama)

I loved the drama. It was always changing and always getting crazier. I mostly loved it because it didn’t involve me!

Leah just told me about a situation that fits the mold perfectly for these shows.

She was asked by the magazine she is interning for (Utah Valley Magazine) to go take pictures of someone over at the Banana Republic at the mall. The BR would be supplying one of their associates to be the model.

Guess who the model was?

Yup – my ex-fiancee’, Kristin.

Cue  drama!

Of course it never got to that point because the manager is a friend of mine and when she found out Leah was dating me she asked Leah to leave and send a new photographer.

Oh man…

Ok, so it’s not as crazy as finding out your girlfriend was having someone elses baby after getting in a fight with a guy who has a secretly gay father. (Courtesy of The OC)

But still – I felt so bad for Leah.

After hearing her story it made me wonder if there has always been drama…

Did people in the Book of Mormon face drama involving crazy situations?

At first I thought, no.

But, yup – they totally did…

Here’s a brief glimpse of the Book Of Mormon:

Family moves away. Brothers dissent.  Plates are bargained for and eventually stolen. Man gets head chopped off. Run out of food. A family filled with girls join up. More dissension. Little gold compass leads the way. Boat gets built after brothers are shocked. Partying on the boat. Crazy storm. They land. Parents die. Brothers try to kill each other. Family is split apart.

That is 1 family.  Wow.

Here’s how Nephi starts the book, ” I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents… and having seen many afflictions in the course of my day…” (1 Nephi 1:1)

Nephi could’ve been on The OC. Nice!




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12 04 2010

Oh heck yes, think about moses and cain/able, and what about Abraham’s family…oh man that is a multi year series in and of itself.

12 04 2010

Haha – you’re so right! the old testament is filled with craziness!!!

13 04 2010
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