27 03 2010

I’ve been going to the Holi celebration for about 5 years. Well, to be totally accurate I actually celebrated Holi while living in Singapore.

What is Holi?

Holi (aka Festival of Colors) It’s an Indian celebration. Basically everybody just throws a bunch of colors on each other.

I was back in Utah to celebrate it down in Spanish Fork at the Hare Krishna temple. Every year I have been the turnout has grown considerably. There were thousands of people there this year and things were crazier than ever.

People were being thrown and then sent crowd surfing. It was all fun and games till … you guessed it … somebody got hurt — bad. This girl was tossed up in the air but not caught. She hit the ground awkwardly and then got trampled for a couple minutes before people cleared out, the ambulance was brought in and she was carried out on a stretcher.

As we celebrated this awesome Indian holiday (which I feel we should adopt into our culture) I thought about the holidays people in the scriptures might have celebrated.

I searched ‘holiday’ in the topical guide and got — ‘holy day’.


Did all holidays start as holy days?

The only holiday/holy day I can think of is the Passover

“Now, the feast of the unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passover.” (Luke 22:1)

Now we have dozens of holidays… (but I’m not complaining, I like the vacation time)




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