21 03 2010

Dance Battle University was held Saturday night in Rexburg, Idaho.

I think it was the fourth or fifth time our crew, Groundhounds, battled at this annual event — too bad this was pretty much the smallest crowd we’ve had during our time going up there.

But for me the best part was getting to see everyone again. It was a chance to reunite and catch up with friends.

“… behold to his astonishment, he met with the sons of Mosiah…
… therefore Alma did rejoice exceedingly to see his brethren; and what added more to his joy, they were still his brethren in the Lord…” (Alma 17:1-2)

I’m not sure if it’s because we’re getting older or there is some unknown element at work, but for the most part, everyone is headed in a good direction.

We’ve done our fair share of riotous living together — much like the sons of Mosiah. Although we never sought to destroy the church, we certainly enjoyed just doing our own thing for awhile.

We never had an “Alma the Younger” experience — but it looks as though everyone has made there way back to the path (still far from perfect – but doing our best).

It’s funny to look back at the way we used to approach “happiness” — or what we thought was happiness. We thought it wickedness was happiness. We thought that doing what we wanted would ultimately bring us the greatest joy.

We were wrong.

I’m so imperfect. But I’ve left behind the riotous living. We all have. And although we all have our own personal struggles everyone seems happy.

An everlasting type of happiness.

In 5 years the greatest joy I could have would be to see all of us still doing our best to move down the path back to Heavenly Father.

*Hopefully in 5 years a few more of us will be married — and maybe a few of us will have kids (I’ll take married — but maybe not kids yet) Haha.

It’s an old picture — and not the whole crew … But I lost all of my pictures when my hard drive crashed.




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