olive branch extended.

10 03 2010

For the hundredth time the olive branch was extended last night.

However, this time the conditions were non-negotiable. They had to be. The situation has reached a severity that requires drastic action.
My drug doing little sister is not just a run of the mill user. It turns out she has been involved with dealing. At this moment she owes one of her “best friends” about $100 to pay for her phone bill (a phone she bought so that she would not have to answer to Mom and Dad). And it turns out that the “best-friend” and her current boyfriend are avid drug distributors.
I’ve watched enough crime movies to know that when you owe money to someone involved with drugs and you can’t pay them — well, it tends to get a bit messy.
Fear and frustration were evident in her pleas for help. Mom and Dad agreed to pay the fee if she would just follow the conditions of the agreement. IF you are truly worried about having your face beaten in by your drug dealing “best friend” then you would most likely accept ANY deal brought to the table.
Not my stubborn sister.
Rather than accept the proposal she decided to escalate things with her loose tongue, “Fine, if you won’t help, I’m just going to send them after you… And that IS a threat.”
The incomprehensible thing about the Lord is that even at our most defiant He says that if we will just accept His conditions then we can be forgiven and move on as if nothing ever took place. It’s not easy — but it is possible.
Watching this whole situation reminded me of Moroni and Zarahemnah.
Moroni surrounded the army of Zarahemnah and said — look, you know you’re trapped, just give up the weapons, walk away and never return. Not a bad proposal to keep the peace.
Zarahemnah said no.
Words were exchanged, somebody got scalped and the war resumed.
“… behold they were pierced and smitten, yea and did fall exceedingly fast before the swords of the Nephites…” (Alma 44:18)
The Lamanites finally agreed to the deal.
“… Moroni caused that the work of death should cease again…” (Alma 44:20)
Let’s see — my sister refused the conditions of peace and then made some bold threats.
According to the story the next part involves a tremendous slaughter. My heart breaks for her — but mostly for my parents. They don’t want this. They taught all of us growing up that if we would just try our best to be obedient that they would help us and bless us with as much as they could.
Oh — and a word of warning to my sister. Don’t invite your friends to come here to take what you have failed to pay them.
It will get messy.
“…ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed.” (Alma 43:47)



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