Not alone.

8 03 2010

What do you do when times are tough?

I’ve handled hard times in a variety of ways :

  • Stop thinking and pretend like nothing is wrong — this typically is only a short term solution.
  • Sleep — also only a short term solution, eventually your body just cant sleep anymore and when you wake up, not much has changed.
  • Turn to friends & family

“Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands.” (D&C 121:9)

The Lord told this to Joseph Smith during a time of great difficulty.
I heard this scripture tonight and thought of all the times I have struggled in my life and the people the Lord sent me during those times — family, friends, mentors and leaders.
I have been blessed in spades with individuals who have helped me in moments of despair.
Things have been hard since I moved to Virginia.
Even with my family here there have been times of incredible loneliness. Times when I felt like I couldn’t handle the trials placed before.
I have been blessed with a wonderful family. My parents have been a tremendous support. I have met other YSA, leaders, youth, missionaries and others that have helped me in my struggles.
But I think the biggest thing I have learned since moving back home is that the Savior is a friend. He is a friend who understands exactly how I feel and wants to help me.
When we allow Him — He can be our greatest friend and support.
I am not alone.




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